Monday, December 6, 2010

To the DPS officer

that prevented my best feature photo of the semester.
fuck you.

Gunday Monday is cancelled for Markley residents of 4th Reeves because of complaints and DPS claims at noise violations. to Mr. Roberts, you are incredible for wanting to promote hall unity in Markley and good luck to you and your slam poetry. rock on, yo, rock on.

Despite almost crying in the lobby at Markley after realizing my feature was taken away from me and then promptly snatching at least some of it back- this will never make up for the disappointment from J.fromm and mr.wolson
mr. wolson your excitement at the staff meeting today was phenomenal.

I hope I will not let you down,
and i'm sorry that this had to be one of the last times
that you would be excited for my potential and then see it fail.

the walk back with bella, however, was incredible.
Chai tea, the snow, and barely anyone being out.

this is a moment that I could live in forever.
A snowglobe if you will.

"In that moment, we were infinite."

and we were.

Today is tomorrow, and tomorrow was yesturday's two days away.

to never being able to have moments/memories like this in muskegon.
to me slowly figuring out how to actually caption write.
to mam and j.moch for making me believe that maybe (just maybe) you believe in me.

and to you, elusive sleep, let the fight begin.

over and out,

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