Thursday, February 19, 2009


I decided I would finally start the three six five photo project and the first photo will be...

me waiting for a text message.
So as a rule of 365 i have to tell you what my day was about.

i stayed home from school for all the normal reasons.
sick of being around people and not having all my homework done, luckily I still wasn't marked absent in miller's class so I am not on the edge of having to get a C on the exam so I can pass the class. I'm still unsure if he's doing this on purpose or not...who knows.

I got up at ninethirty to a pleading text message asking "Donde!?" from cambria. She is the delight in my life.

Texted tyler and tried to text pat...but Alas!
he doesn't text back.

The reason behind that could be ...anything
but for the sake of my heart i'll say it was him "just not that into me"
oh dear when will I learn.

other than that I've been sitting in my room working on my homework for about seven hours and listening to my top 25 on itunes over and over and over again.

terra signing out.

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alwayslove said...

oh dear.

I discovered your blog!
So I shall follow it.
Bye, Love.